Mr. Finn-Tore Pettersen

Mr. Finn-Tore Pettersen is the Senior Strategic Risk and Security Manager for Coca-Cola in 35 countries on the African continent, based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2016. His main background and field is operations, as Incident Commander, Chief of Operations, and including planning of events and work with the oil companies. Previously to his work for Coca-Cola he served in the Norwegian Police Service for almost 28 year's. He has international experience from working in the UN/OSCE as an advisor, and as a teacher for the police around the world, including the Balkans, Caucasus and on both the Asian and African continent. He finished his career in the police service as Assistant Chief of Police and as Police adviser to East Africa Standby Force and AU. Mr. Pettersen has lived on the continent since 2014 working with both the police service and Coca-Cola.

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