Sunergy: Off-grid solar – a game changer

Tuesday 8 October
12:00 - 13:00

SunErgy is a Norwegian legal entity, active in off-grid solar electrification in West-Africa. Sunergy is delivering a turn key electrical solution to rural areas in Cameroon and Liberia including electricity, cable-tv and internet. MoU’s has been signed to build solar power stations in 128 villages in Cameroon which is the livelihood to 166 000 families (approximately 850 000 people) along with schools, health centres, private and public enterprises.

Offering cable-tv and internet is giving people access to the outside world and open up for a host of business opportunities. SunErgy believes this business model is laying the foundation for sustainable, individual and community economic development and growth, while also allowing SunErgy continued development of it’s viable and sustainable business model.

Present experience indicates that 35 000 news jobs will be created through the SunErgy activity, bringing in an estimated income of EUR 45 million annually to the participating villages.

This could completely change their prospective for economic development, enabling people to escape poverty, moving into a brighter and more prosperous future.

This seminar will further discuss the following topics:

  • Brief introduction to SunErgy and the business model

  • The activity of SunErgy Cameroon

  • Opportunities for economic growth and development in off-grid solar


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